School of Overseas Education



International Business focuses on international trade, business and management. It is suitable for anyone who wants to work in the field of international trade and related businesses with sound English communication skills and basic knowledge of economics.

Career & Jobs

Cross-border E-commerce Enterprises and Foreign Trade Enterprises

Cross-border e-commerce business

International trade documentation

Certification system

International settlement

International Business Agents and International Logistics and Freight Forwarding Companies 

Customs declaration


Freight forwarding

Government Departments, Foreign Agencies of Industrial & Commercial Enterprises and Financial Institutions

Transnational Operation

Overseas listing of enterprises


International Business Operator

International Commercial Vouching Clerk

Foreign Trade Documentary Manager

Customs Broker

Inspection Specialist







Basic Courses

Modern Business Etiquette

Modern Office Skills

International Trade practice

International trade correspondence

Business English Certificate






Core Courses

Cross-border E-commerce Practice

International Trade Documents*

Spoken English for International Business*

International trade documentary practice 

Market Research

Enterprise Management Simulation Sand Table Practice


Investigation Report

Practical Skills


Bold: both theoretical and practice courses

*English Taught Courses