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A campaign of mental health education

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Changzhou Vocational Institute of Industry Technology has recently launched a vigorous campaign, which aims to popularize the students' knowledge of mental health, improve their ability of psychological protection during the pandemic, and guide them to open their hearts so that they can face life and embrace future with a positive attitude.


In view of emotion management, interpersonal relations, learning psychology, stress response and life planning, and taking advantage of cloud media, the college has organized a variety of activities in the form of lectures, microblog articles, campus radio programs, health knowledge competitions, cartoons, short videos etc.


The implementation of activities is targeted, for such practice focus on students with high psychological pressure, financial difficulties and academic difficulties.


        The organization originality lies in that each activity group consists of peer tutors to help participants rid themselves of unhealthy or even morbid states of mind in talking and making friends by means of wish mailbox, color painting, flower arrangement, et al.(审核 / 檀祝平)