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CIIT benefits from a neighboring training base

文章来源:常州工业职业技术学院(英文网) 作者:程凤军、沈小平 发布时间:2022-06-10 浏览次数:50

On the afternoon of June 8, under the leadership of Yuan Fei, vice dean of School of Rail Transit, all the teachers paid a visit to a rail vehicle technology training base in the possession of China Railway Rolling Stock Corporation (CRRC), which is located in the same city and boasts the leading designated training base for world skills competition. Zhang Ying and Sun Zhou, the principals of the training base, warmly received Yuan Fei and his fellows.


Yuan Fei introduced the construction of urban rail vehicle technology specialty group and the operation of rail transit experiment and training center of Changzhou Vocational Institute of Industry Technology. Zhang Ying explained the operation status of the training base and the training for the coming world skills competition. Sun Zhou introduced in detail the layout, characteristics and equipment use of the four training stations of rail transit vehicle, bogie, door and pantograph collector. The two sides also discussed the intention to train skills contest competitors and compile instruction manuals. During the visit, all the teachers observed the operation demonstration of the station coaches, and asked for tips on handling apparatus and techniques of instructing trainees.


      The working scene of the base is lifelike, the actual operating equipment is leading throughout the country, and the skill training concept is advanced with remarkable results. The activity broadened the vision of the teachers. Yuan Fei demanded that all the teachers should draw on the experience of the base to improve their talent cultivating ability.(审稿/檀祝平)