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The students test the water quality of the landscape river on campus

文章来源:常州工业职业技术学院(英文网) 作者:陈怀民、嵇天培、沈小平 发布时间:2022-06-10 浏览次数:51

Recently, under the guidance of their teachers, the students majoring in environmental engineering technology of Changzhou Vocational Institute of Industry Technology (CIIT) launched a professional skill competition with the slogan of "skills to make water clearer". They used the plexiglass layered water collector, Saybolt pan, water temperature tester, pH tester, and dissolved oxygen tester to conduct on-site monitoring of the waters near or around the Yangtze Bridge, Taohua (peach blossom) Island, Baoze Bridge, and Zhoujia Bridge within the campus. They took the collected water samples back to the laboratory for basic index analysis, and formed the water quality report of the landscape river in the college through a series of complete workflow.


Such a teaching mode, which combines teaching with fun and promotes teaching through competition, not only enables students to systematically master the skills of sample collection, pretreatment, use of detection equipment, data analysis and sorting in river water environment monitoring, but also enables them to realize the important role that environmental protection knowledge plays in ecological protection and social development. "We should submit this report to the college authority giving professional suggestions for the decisions of our college's ecological environment protection," said Gu Kailai, a member of the president assistant group, who is very proud that he can use his professional knowledge to participate in the high-quality development of the college.


        It is reported that teachers and students majoring in environmental engineering technology will devote themselves to working out reasonable river management plans by carrying out irregular water quality monitoring of campus landscape rivers and paying attention to water quality changes at all times to help the college build a green and beautiful ecological environment and a harmonious and comfortable educational environment.(审稿/檀祝平)