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CIIT grants each student RMB 100

文章来源:常州工业职业技术学院(英文网) 作者:郁振宇、王明方、费建明 发布时间:2022-06-09 浏览次数:58

      Since the term began on February 22, Changzhou Vocational Institute of Industry Technology (CIIT) has implemented closed-door management. During the pandemic prevention and control period, the college has been offering a package of financial aids and psychological comfort in students' favor without hesitation lest the students being restricted on close campus  be perturbed. One of the measures was to grant each student RMB 100 as an expression of sympathy and solicitude. At present, 844,100 has been transferred to 8441 students' bank cards.(审稿/檀祝平)