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Miao Changwu attends an online evaluation conference

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On the morning of May 19, an expert group designated by China Higher Education Expo, whose task is to carry out the evaluation of declared "school enterprise cooperation, double top hundred plan" projects, paid an online visit to the Digital Intangible Cultural Heritage Jintan Paper Carving Academy established by Changzhou Vocational Institute of Industry Technology (CIIT). The leader of the visiting expert group is Wang Ying, vice president of Suzhou Industrial Park Service Outsourcing Vocational College. The members of the expert group include Wang Xiumei, director of engineering training and innovation and Entrepreneurship Education Center of North China Electric Power University, and Peng Zhangyou, executive deputy director of the Teaching Affairs Department of Shanghai University. Miao Changwu, Secretary of the Party committee of CIIT, observed the project report and experts' evaluation from start to finish. Yang Zhaoqun, known as representative successor of intangible cultural heritage Jintan paper carving, who is general manager of Changzhou Jintan District Paper Cutting and Carving Culture Development Co., Ltd. was also present.


At the beginning of the meeting, Wang Ying introduced the background and investigation requirements of the double visit activities of the double top hundred plan, and issued CIIT the nomination certificate for the 2021 double top hundred plan typical cases for the case entitled "Paper 'flower' for illumination, Long promotion by digitization — the paper cutting digital platform jointly built by school and enterprise".


On behalf of the project team, Li Bin, head of the Handicrafts Innovation Teaching & Research Section, reported the case from five aspects: project implementation background, implementation, case characteristics, application effect and experience summary.


After the presentation, the expert group had an in-depth exchange with the project team on the implementation of the case. They were very interested in such digital protection and inheritance of paper cutting and engraving intended for vocational colleges' students, fully affirmed the uniqueness, typicality, innovation and popularization of the case, and expressed strong concern. They were full of respect for master Yang Zhaoqun's career of salvaging, inheriting and developing the intangible cultural heritage, and were deeply impressed by CIIT's innovative talent training modes based on the Digital Intangible Cultural Heritage Jintan Paper Carving Academy. Finally, they also put forward pertinent guidance to the project team and looked forward to the sustainable results of the project.


Li Bin thanked the expert group for their guidance and suggestions, and claimed that they would resolutely implement the top-level design of the connotation construction of the college's fourteenth five-year career development plan, and deepen the integration of production and education by relying on the enterprise college cooperation, especially with the master Yang Zhaoqun's team, achieving innovative inheritance of China's paper cutting art. He also said that they would practice the OBE(Outcome based education) teaching mode to cultivate application-oriented talents in the field of intangible cultural heritage inheritance. And he added that they would try their best to make use of digital technology to create a digital intangible cultural heritage brand, contributing more to the dissemination of paper cutting intangible cultural heritage culture and to the local cultural tourism.


The others from CIIT who witnessed the event are as follows: Tanzhuping, director of the Publicity Department of the Party committee, Chu Shouyun, director of the school enterprise cooperation department, Guan Weizhong, Secretary of the general Party branch of the Art and Creativity Secondary College, Xiao Xinhua, Dean of the Art and Creativity Secondary College, and Meng Qingxia, deputy Secretary of the general Party branch of the Art and Creativity Secondary College.(审稿/檀祝平)