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HAW appeals to international students

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Recently, some overseas students of CIIT’s Overseas Education School have had face-to-face exchanges with the backbone members of HAW (Hands around the World).


Miao Shuangming, vice dean of CIIT’s Overseas Education School, fully appreciated a series of association activities such as Chinese essay solicitation, off campus volunteer service, quality development, literary and sports activities, career planning competition, and vocational skills competition carried out by HAW. He earnestly hoped that when the HAW Society held activities, it would invite international students as many as possible, so as to further integrate them into the CIIT family.


Wang Wei, head of HAW, said that at present, there are more than 400 members in the club, which involves various schools and majors of the college and has great influence throughout the college. The association mainly carries out activities such as world cultural publicity, introduction of foreign humanistic knowledge, exhibition of foreign customs and habits, voluntary service activities and exhibition of Chinese excellent culture.


The present international students and association members put forward lots of opinions and ideas, which will provide ideas and direction for later activities. Zhang Yin, the instructor of the association, has established a WeChat communication group to facilitate students to further exchange and discuss the potential activity plans.