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A compaign to prevent network telecommunication fraud

文章来源:常州工业职业技术学院(英文网) 作者:费建明 发布时间:2021-05-13 浏览次数:10

On May 11, Changzhou Institute of Industry Technology (CIIT) carried out anti fraud publicity and education activities on campus together with the Science and Education Town Police Station. Mao Bomin, deputy secretary of CPC CIIT Committee, Wu Liyun, vice president, Chaojian, deputy director of the Science and Education Town Police Station and a police officer named Zou Youhong, attended the publicity activities.


This publicity and education activity shows the current network telecommunication fraud means, the situation of illegal fund-raising and the harm of campus loans to students through banners, display boards and leaflets, and reminds students to actively prevent network telecommunication fraud, put an end to illegal fund-raising and campus loans and other illegal and criminal acts, communicate with teachers in time, and report to the police in time according to the situation. At the scene of the activity, students signed on the publicity banners, committing themselves to the prevention of fraud.


This activity popularized the anti fraud knowledge to the teaching staff and students, improved their anti fraud awareness, enhanced their anti fraud ability, and provided guarantee for protecting their personal and property safety and promoting the safe campus construction of the college.