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They do the real thing!

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Recently, Class 331 majoring in product design  in Grade 2019 of CIIT's Art and Creativity School have successfully completed the project design training in two of the off campus training bases.


In Hawke Display System Co., Ltd., the students have a full understanding of the construction and putting up of the booth, such as the connection mode of display materials and the installation of laminates, through the disassembly and assembly of a set of standard booth. Through the disassembly of the reception desk and the ingenious assembly of display parts, they also have a profound understanding of the development of new display products.


In Lingtong Exhibition System Co., Ltd., students have a deep understanding of new products such as open square column, new practical other fastening tools-free lock, and display materials and structures such as panel system, lighting cloth decoration system and aluminum alloy special-shaped system. Through hands-on operation, the students have a complete understanding of the working principle of the lock and the connection mode of the special-shaped aluminum alloy, and have a deep understanding of the folding transportation demand of the display cabinet and chair, the function and working principle of the special connector of the folding table in the display design.


Associate Professor Zhou Lingyun said: "the training aims to enable students to have a full and intuitive understanding of the display materials and structures on the current market, and shorten the distance between the design effect and the production realization." Students appreciate the training mode that an exhibition hall serves as a classroom, and a manager acts as a teacher, saying that they practiced as if they fought a war using real swords and spears. The off campus training base ensures the realization of zero distance between design and production, seamless docking of vocational colleges and enterprises, and meets the two-way choice needs of enterprises and students.