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Overseas Education School holds a seminar on “3 + 2” project for international students

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On the afternoon of April 13, Overseas Education School held a “3 + 2” project explanation meeting for international students. Ma Lijuan, vice dean, presided over the conference. More than 70 international students came to the conference, and 172 international students of Grade 2018 who stayed abroad watched the live broadcast online.

Chen Wei, vice president of International Education School of Jiangsu University of Technology, introduced the basic situation of the enrollment, training and management of international students in Jiangsu University of Technology, and answered the questions about the promotion of overseas students on the spot.

In December 2020, CIIT and Jiangsu University of Technology signed the cooperation agreement on segmented joint training of international students, and both sides reached an agreement on the “3 + 2” segmented joint training system for international students who are studying in CIIT. The explanation session is not only the fulfillment of the agreement, but also the affirmation of the quality of the cultivation of international students in CIIT.