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Mao Bomin meets with Xiao Yaming

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On the morning of April 22, Xiao Yaming, vice president of Wuhan Institute of Shipbuilding Technology, Lv Jinhua, dean of Electrical and Electronic Engineering School, Yue Dongxu, director of Audit Department, and the other four members came to Changzhou Institute of Industry Technology (CIIT) for investigation and exchange. Mao Bomin, deputy secretary of CIIT Committee of the Communist Party of China, met with the guests. Two sides’ counterparts attended the exchange meeting.

Mao Bomin, on behalf of CIIT, warmly welcomed Xiao Yaming and his party, and introduced basic situation, school running characteristics, major construction, and culture construction of the college.

Xiao briefly introduced the basic situation of his own college, and expressed his appreciation for CIIT's advanced school running concept and excellent school running achievements, especially the outstanding performance in skills competition and production and education integration. He hopes to improve communication and cooperation with CIIT in the future, contributing to simultaneous development between the east region and the west region, and complementing each other.

      Before the meeting, accompanied by Jiang Zhengyan, dean of Intelligent Control School, Xiao had visited the intelligent robot training base, numerical control training base and Sino German double cross training center, which were built mainly by CIIT in the Science and Education Town, and focused on the investigation of the construction and use of training rooms in the fields of intelligent equipment and artificial intelligence. Xiao Yaming and his party highly appreciated the 2.0 scheme of Changzhou Science and Education Town construction promotion and the sharing of resources, teachers and achievements within the whole town.