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Han Yinghui: a gold medal coach

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Han Yinghui is a teacher of Changzhou Institute of Industry Technology. Since 2010, the students under his guidance have won 9 gold medals and 1 silver medal in the national vocational college skills competition. Han Yinghui himself has also won such honorary titles as the National Huang Yanpei Vocational Education Outstanding Teacher Award, Jiangsu May 1 Labor Medal, and  Jiangsu craftsman.

        "Mr. Han Yinghui is not only a gold medal coach and craftsman in Jiangsu Province, but also a model of moral education in our college. Inspired by him, a number of dedicated gold medal coaches and outstanding teachers have appeared. Mr. Han Yinghui has ever led the establishment of Changzhou Skill Master Studio, and set up a teacher innovation team. He devotes himself to technology research with some engineers from famous enterprises, contributes to Changzhou intelligent manufacturing industry, and he has higher popularity," commented Yang Jinsong, president of Changzhou Institute of Industry Technology.