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CIIT attaches importance to the safety of international students

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On the evening of April 13, Cui Xiaoshu, deputy director of Jointed Office of Students’ Affairs and Security, and Miao Shuangming, vice dean of Overseas Education School, inspected the dormitories of international students.

Cui Xiaoshu and his party inspected international students dormitories, kitchens, laundry rooms and emergency facilities. After the inspection, they communicated with some international students on the spot.He reminded students to use electrical appliances safely to  prevent accidents, clarified the measures of COVID-19 prevention and control taken by CIIT, and above all, introduced the vaccination campaign to fend off the spread of COVID-19.

Miao Shuangming demanded that all the apartment managers and attendants, head teachers and international student cadres should actively cooperate to do a good job in the service for international students and investigate the potential safety hazards in the apartment.

At present, 77 international students stay on campus safe and sound.