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2019 CZIIT Academic Education (Diploma) program for International Students

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2019 CZIIT Academic Education (Diploma) program

for International Students


1. College profile

Changzhou Institute of Industry Technology (CZIIT) is a full-time general vocational college under the administration of the Department of Education of Jiangsu Provincewhich is located in Changzhou City, in the most developed area— the Yangtze river delta economic zone, close to Shanghai and Nanjing (only one-hour trip by train). CZIIT was established in 1958, has 8 secondary major teaching schools—School of Overseas Education; School of Economic and Trade Management; School of Tourism and Culinary Art; School of Rail Transit Engineering and Technology; School of Information Engineering and Technology; School of Art Creativity; School of Materials Engineering and Technology; School of Mechanical Engineering and Technology; School of Electrical Engineering and Technology,containing 47 majors.

At present, the college has more than 10,000 full-time students, including almost 400 international students from more than 30 different countries. The college boasts the Takijikstan Study Center and Overseas Talents Training Base.In 2018, the college was entitled to “the first round Study Abroad in Jiangsu Talents Selection Plan Project”, “Jiangsu Colleges International Students Summer Research Program” and became one of the colleges with “the Study Abroad in Jiangsu” government-sponsored scholarships.


2. Secondary Schools and Specialties

材料工程与技术学院School of Material Engineering and Technology

高分子材料工程技术polymer materials engineering,高分子材料加工技术polymer material processing,精细化工技术fine chemical industry,建筑装饰材料及检测building decoration materials and detection,药品生产技术pharmaceutical Manufacturing

电气工程与技术学院School of Electrical Engineering and Technology

机电一体化mechatronics technology,电气自动化electric automation,电子信息工程技术electronic information engineering,光伏发电技术与应用photovoltaic power generation technology application

信息工程与技术学院School of Information Engineering and Technology

软件技术software technology,物联网应用技术application of Internet of Things,计算机网络技术computer network,计算机应用技术computer application,电子商务electronic commerce

轨道交通工程与技术学院School of Rail Transit Engineering and Technology

城市轨道车辆技术urban rail vehicle technology,城市轨道交通运营管理operation management of urban rail transit,汽车检测与维修技术automobile inspection and maintenance,光电技术应用electro-optic technology application

机械工程与技术学院School of Mechanical Engineering and Technology

数控技术numerical control technology,机械制造与自动化mechanical manufacturing and automation,机械设计与制造mechanical design and manufacture,模具设计与制造mould design and manufacture,材料成型及控制技术material forming and control technology

旅游与烹饪学院School of Tourism and Culinary Art

酒店管理hotel management,旅游管理tourism management,旅游英语tourism English,商务英语business English,幼儿发展与健康管理child development and health management,烹饪工艺与营养culinary art and nutrition,休闲体育Recreational sports

经贸管理学院School of Economic and Trade Management

统计与会计核算statistics and financial accounting,会计accountant,国际商务international business,国际贸易实务international trade practice,市场营销marketing management,物流管理logistics management,文秘secretarial

艺术创意学院School of Art and Design

环境艺术设计environmental art design,广告设计与制作advertising design and production,多媒体设计与制作multimedia design and production,产品造型设计product modeling design,人物形象设计character design,影视动画(影视广告)film and television animation (video advertising),室内艺术设计interior art design

Note: The majors with ★ are available for international students, including Chinese-taught program and English-taught program.


3. International Students Enrollment

In order to respond to China's ‘The Belt and Road’ initiative and further accelerate our college’s internationalized education process, our college mainly recruits the students from countries along ‘The Belt and Road’ to study in China. The length of schooling is 3years.

I. Eligibility

1. Non-Chinese citizens;

2.High school graduation or above;

3. Language Requirements:

 ⑴For Chinese-taught programs:



Mechatronics Technology

Level 4 (score 240 or above)

International Business

Level 4 (score 240 or above)

Hotel management

Level 4 (score 240 or above)

 ⑵For English-taught programs, please refer to related admission requirements for each program.

 ⑶Applicants who fail to meet the above language requirements may take one-year preparatory courses focusing on Chinese as a foreign language, and then begin with the 3-year academic education program.

4. Physically and mentally healthy;

5. Financial support to afford 3-year study and life;

6. An interest in Chinese language and culture;

7. Normally no more than 22years old(Preparatory students are normally no more than 20years old) .

II. Application Documents

1. Application form for admission(Attachment 1)

2. High school diploma& transcript conferred (with an English translation notarized copy)

3. Photocopy of valid passport identification page  (the validity of passport should be 3 years or more)

4. Foreigner Physical Examination Form (Attachment 2)

5. The most recent Chinese Visa or Chinese Residence PermitIf any

Please note: Consequences of concealing the experience in China are borne by oneself.

6.No criminal certificate

7. Language certificate and score report (Chinese or English)

8. Finance Guraantee Statement (Attachment 3) (A copy of guarantor’s valid identity documents should be attached)

III. Admission Procedures

1. Check appliants qualification

2. Interview online

3. Send Offer and JW202 after receiving registration fee

4. Review the documents

5. Physical examination

6. Language Proficiency Test

7. Registration


CZIIT’s bank account information is as follows:

Account NameChangzhou Vocational Institute of Light Industry

Account CategoryRMB  Account

Account Number1105020919002126867

Opening BankGuanghua Branch,Changzhou, Industrial and Commercial Bank of China


Account NameChangzhou Vocational Institute of Light Industry

Account CategoryForeign Currency Accountonly US dollar

Cnaps Code102304002094

Account Number1105020919714107667

Opening BankGuanghua Branch,Changzhou, Industrial and Commercial Bank of China


Please note:

(1)As for Foreign Currency Account, only US dollar is accepted, so please do confirm the currency of the remittance with the remittance bank of your country.

(2) It will be settled in the final actual received RMB, and the balance will be paid to either side after enrollment.

(3) Please send the scanned copy of the payment voucher within a week after the remittance. Due to the large number of remittance, please be sure to indicate the applicant's name and passport number in the remittance information. The applicant shall bear the responsibility for the delay or failure of reconciliation caused by the absence of personal information.


4. Charges



Please note:

1. Charges in the preparatory stage refer to this standard.

2.Excellent preparatory students who have applied for the school's Chinese Language Teaching Academic Degree Program can enjoy a tuition remission of 1500 yuan per year during the three-year professional study period.(Those who subject to criminal or administrative penalties for violating Chinese laws and regulations, those who are warned or punished for violating school rules and regulations, and those who fail to pass one or more final tests every school year shall not be exempted from this exemption.)

5. Scholarships



Please note:

1.These are the scholarships for major study ( preparatory study stage excluded ).

2.Scholarships are awarded after each school year, according to the daily performance and final exam marks.

3.The proportion of evaluation is based on the students who meet the evaluation criteria. Those who violate Chinese laws and rules or other judicial stipulations, or get warning or even heavier punishment for violating the regulations of the College, or get one or more subjects failed in the final exam, will be excluded from the candidates.



Admission starts from March 1st to August30th this year. Students should register in late September(the specific time is subject to the admission notice). There is no further notice if you are not admitted.


7. Amazing Life in CZIIT

Each room can hold 2 or 4 students.

For 2 students: independent kitchen, parlor, bathroom, shower with 24-hour hot water, air-conditioner, refrigerator, washing machine, electromagnetic cooker and microwave oven.

For 4 students: independent bathroom, shower with 24-hour hot water, air-conditioner, refrigerator. There is a public kitchen and a public laundry on each floor.



8. Contact Us







Address: No. 28, Mingxin Middle Rd, Hutang Town, Wujin District, Changzhou, Jiangsu Province, China


Post Code: 213164


Tel:  86-519-86332148


Fax: 86-519-86332148


Mobile Phone15261112223,13674629685


Admission e-mail address:

(Attachment1)application form.docx

(Attachment2)foreigner physical examination form.pdf

(Attachment3)guarantee statement.doc